All firearms are dangerous weapons, and access should be limited to authorized and qualified persons. Keep firearms in a locked cabinet or drawer when not in use, particularly if children are likely to be present.

ALWAYS, when operating a firearm, observe the following guidelines:

ALWAYS assume that any and all handguns, rifles, revolvers, or other firearms are LOADED and capable of being discharged.
ALWAYS personally remove the magazine (where one exists), and physically and visually inspect the firearm to make sure that the magazine has been removed and that the chamber is empty.
ALWAYS complete the unloading procedure as taught by a competent instructor.
ALWAYS verify that you are aiming at a safe backstop that is capable of containing an accidental discharge, will not ricochet, and will not be perforated by an accidental discharge.
ALWAYS keep your finger outside the trigger guard and especially KEEP YOUR FINGER AWAY FROM THE TRIGGER until the firearm is pointed at the target you intend to hit.
ALWAYS verify that the slide of the handgun cannot impact any finger, limb, or obstruction when cycling.

WARNING: to reduce the risk of injury, NEVER point a firearm at a target that you are not prepared to destroy.

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