Weapons Training Videos

First and foremost, safe gun handling will become deeply ingrained in each of you.If any of you have never fired a gun before because the "bang" seemed scary or the range was too far away, you'll experience the pleasure of shooting and will be prepared and interested in getting the experience of what guns are all about.

Here is a video that compares and contrasts two similar Bullite like products. These are laser ammunition that is essential for proper weapons training and marksmanship. You can use either of these confidently, as both are superior products.

I really like this video on personal weapons training you can do to perfect you home personal defense tactics. Ammunition, weapon, and accessibility of the firearm are all really important and that's what this video stresses.

The Bullite is designed for use in classic "Draw and Fire" drills and will be especially useful while you practice acquiring a good sight picture prior to squeezing the trigger. Bullite both allows for instant "eye-hand" re-coordination, and enables you to actually see instantly how you shoot.

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